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Montangero C., Pacini G., Turini F. ND-LISP reference manual. Internal note IEI-C76-03, 1976.
ND-LISP is a set of primitives coded in MAGNALISP<16>. Its aim is to provide the user with a clean and general framework for nondeterministic programming. This is attained filtering context management mechanisms of MAGNALISP to produce well defined primitives, which show themselves more problem oriented than MAGNALISP ones. So ND-LISP programmer can ignore those MAGNALISP functions, that realize contexts management. In other words ND-LISP primitives work as macros to be used in MAGNALISP programs, with the purpose both to free the user from the microscopic management of contexts mechanism and to provide him with primitives more suitable to write well structured nondeterministic programs.

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