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Lombardi G., Marzulli P. Metodi di predizione e correzione A-stabili per la risoluzione numerica di sistemi differenziali stiff. Internal note IEI-B76-11, 1976.
We are concerned with a special class of predicator-corrector methods for the initial value problem y'= f(x,y) , y(x0) = n A stable correctos of the usual form are used with predictors with variable coefficents. This methods are show to be less expensive than iteration of alone. When the problem comes from an m-order differential equation the methods lead to the traditional procedure whereas in general, at each step, the predicted value of the vector y(n+k) is the solution of an algebric linear system. For this system, if the problem is of stiff type and inherently stable, an iterative convergent scheme is indicated.

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