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Azzarelli L., Cerri S., Denoth F., Navona C. The SADAF system for image Processing. In: Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Assisted Scanning (Padova, 1976). Proceedings, pp. 439 - 452. 1976.
A system for A/D conversion and processing of images (SADAF) has been developed and realized at the "Istituto di Elaborazione dell 'Informazione del C.N.R.- Pisa". The characteristics of the system are such that SADAF well covers the gap existing between the performances of the CRT scanners used in the field of the nuclear physics (high speed and high spatial resolution) and those of the electromechanical scanners used in spectroscopy and astrophysics ( low speed and very high photometric and spatial resolution). The main characteristics of SADAF and some typical examples of application are given in the paper.

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