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Azzarelli L., Casalini P., Cerri S., Falciani R., Rigutti M., Roberti G. Analysis of solar images with the SADAF flying spot. In: Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Assisted Scanning (Padova, 1976). Proceedings, pp. 412 - 427. 1976.
In the last years many problem in optical solar physics ( flares and sunpot high resolution observatios, brightness oscillations, macroscopic and small scale velocity fields, chromospheric fine structures, magnetic knots, etc.), together with the recent space observations, asked for an automatic photometric analysis of a huge amount of observational material. For these purposes, and for the study of more general applications of high speed computer controlled devices in the photometric analysis of extended sources in astrophysics, we used SADAF computer controlled flying-spot machine of the I.E.I. , extensively described elesewhere.

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