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Corsini P., Frosini G. A model for asynchronous control networks. In: Digital Processing, (2) pp. 47 - 62. Georg Publishing Company (ed.). 1976.
In this paper asynchronous control networks are considered. A control network is viewed as a set of interconnected circuits, each one performing an asynchronous sequential function. The reaction time of every circuit and the size of the delays present on the interconnection wires are considered to be non-bounded but finite quantities. An abstract model is proposed which provides an useful tool for the analysis and synthesis of control networks. Some network properties are defined precisely, i.e persistence (no loss of signal); liveness (no hang-ups any part of the network); activity (the network as a whole never hangs-up); determinacy (the same signals are always generated independently of the speed of the circuits and the size of the delays). The problem of the physical implementation of such circuits in a network is discussed.
Subject Asynchronous control networks
Speed-indipendent networks
Asynchronous circuits

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