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Iazeolla G. A graph model for scheduling processes in systems with parallel computations. In: Calcolo, vol. 13 (3) pp. 321 - 349. Editrice Gubbio, 1976.
Given a resource system of a finite capacity and a set of indipendent processes, this paper is concerned with the generation of sequences of allocation steps which are dealock-free and optimal with respect to total completion time. Processes are defined as partially-ordered set of phases, each being a single or joint request for resources. A priori knowledge of the duration of phases is assumed to be available. The approach followed is that of combining processes together into a new process which correctly embeds the former. Combination is carried out by the addition of ordering relations between the phases of the original processes. Properties of the new graph model used for process representation permit a short-cut procedure to be introduced to obtain the optimal solution in a nonexhaustive way.

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