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Aiello L., Aiello M., Attardi G., Prini G. Recursive data types in LISP: a case study in type driven programming. Internal note IEI-B75-26, 1975.
A programming methodology, called type driven programming is proposed: the introduction of data types is motivated and some examples are shown. Two ways of implementing data types in LISP are presented and compared. We then explain what we mean by a class: a data type and a set of functions characterizing its behaviour. It is then shown how this concept and that of distributed function support the type driven mechanism of function activation. This is described with examples and its relevance discussed, making reference to the implementation of a proof generating system. Finally, it is pointed out how such programming style presents the advantages of leading to better structuring and readability of programs and of ensuring greater efficiency, reliability and portability of the generated code.

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