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Cella A., Lotti G. A numerical appraisal of the Galerkin-finite element method for nonlinear hyperbolic operators. Internal note IEI-B75-09, 1975.
The numerical analysis of hyperbolic type problems via Galerkin-finite element method has already received intensive investigation |1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |17|. The approach leads to time-step integration procedures of the discretized equations of motion. While no doubt is left about the practicality of the approach, some major questions remain open for the analyst and for the program user as far as: - the numerical stability of the procedure; - the accuracy vs. cost of the existing integration methods. The present work introduces a mathematical presentation of the problems, dwells on several stability criteria, and presents a parametric numerical error analysis of one and two dimensional problems, for which analytic solution are known.

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