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Azzarelli L., Carlesi C., Falciani R., Giordano M., Panicucci R., Rigutti M., Roberti G. Flying-spot analysis of solar images. In: Image Processing Techniques in Astronomy (Proceedings Conference, Utrecht, 1975), 385-390. Reidel pub. Co., Dordrecht, 1975. 1975.
This work has been performed to test the new and interesting results obtained previously with a photographic isodensitometric method about the photometric evolution of solar flares and to study the degree of utility and reliability, and the general performances of high speed, computer controlled devices in the photometric analysis of extended sources. We studied some series of good Ha solar filtergrams, obtained during 1969, at the Athens National Observatory, with time resolution of about 30 sec, with uniform exposure and high photometric accuracy.

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