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Treer R. MADE, a syntax macro-definition language. Internal note IEI-B74-40, 1974.
The present paper is a description of the language MADE ( Syntax MAcro DEfiniton language). It presents a version of the language general enough for the considered field of applications and, in the same time, consolidated enough to call for criticism and to be a base for further refinements. After an introduction which deals mainly with the possible applications, the syntax of the language is given in a meta-language belonging to the BNT-family of languages. Parallel with the syntax definition we often use MADE program fragments to illustrate the semantics of syntax units as well as to give a few hits to the application of the language. We hope that the reader does not mind being introduced to MADE by working through himself on examples. Until now there is only one implemented version of MADE which includes about 90 percent of the language given in this paper. The description of this implementation (for Hewlett-Packard 2100 computers under the operating system TSB 2000 F/C in assembler code) is available at I.E.I under the title "HP-BASIC MADE System description and user's manual". A similar implementation might require about 3 months, man-labour.

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