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Treer R. HP-BASIC-MADE: system description and user's manual. Internal note IEI-B74-41, 1974.
The present paper is a description of a subset language MADE ( Treer, R. : MADE, a syntax Macro Definition Language, N.I.B74-40) and its implementation on the Hewlett Packard 2100 computer under the operating system TSB 2000 F/C, at the installation at I.E.I (C.N.R), Pisa, Italy. The work of the HP-MADE system may be divided into two phases (times). At compilation-time a MADE program is translated to intermediate codes. The intermediate codes give the variable part of the translator of the "new language" described in the MADE program. Then at interpretation time the interpreter part at HP-MADE will execute he generated translator which will be able to input any program written in the "new language". By the end of the interpretation this input "program" will be translated to an other language text, the way it is described in the original BASIC-MADE program. This publication does not contain a complete description of the syntax of BASIC-MADE, only the restrictions made on the syntax of MADE are mentioned. The numbering of the chapters is parallel with that of the other paper (is denoted by + in the following) to facilitate references. We use almost exclusively flowcharts to describe the semantics and the implementation. We think that they are self- explaining and do not need "human language" sentences to explain then. The use of HP-MADE is demostrated on a very simple example.

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