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Brambilla A., Kardasz J. H. Dynamic mathematical model and digital simulation of multicomponent distillation columns. Internal note IEI-B74-36, 1974.
A detailed mathematical model for studying the dynamic behaviour of multicomponent distillation columns was derived. The mode is based on the realistic performance of the plates: liquid mixing on the plate, vapour mixing between the plates, entrainment, weeping, variation of liquid hold-up, variation of plate efficiency, heat losses and fluid dynamic are the specifications considered. The model can be used for studying effect of the parameters on the performance of a single plate or the behaviour of a whole column indipendently of the number and type of plates, feeds and side-streams. A calculation procedure, on the basis of the model, for dynamic simulation using digital computers was developed. Possibility to choose the model accuracy for the simulation runs is provided. The numerical technique used for solving the ordinary differential equations was the finite differences methods. Some examples of steady-state and transient calculation for a six components mixture are given for a sixteen plates column.

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