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Kardasz J. H., Molnar G. A simula-based structure oriented language for the dynamic simulation of chemical plants. In: Computer Journal, vol. 17 (1) pp. 28 - 37. ACM, 1974.
This paper presents a general descriptions of a language for the simulation of the dynamic behaviour of chemical plants. The language is structure-oriented according io the flowsheet or the plant to be simulated. The implementation is achieved by using SIMULA 67. The method of simulation is based on the concept of a cell model. Under the assumption of the one-dimensional model, a chemical plant composed of a set of devices, can be represented mathematically by a set of quasilinear hyperbolic partial differential equations or the first order. After appropriate discretisation, each device is subdivided into a finite number or cells; this is equivalent to the application of the finite difference method in explicit form. The paper contains all example or typical chemical plant for which a program written in our language is given.

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