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Casaglia G., Conti G., Vanneschi M. On determinances deadlock and performance of a model for digital parallel systems. 1-5 Ottobre 1973. Casaglia presso Olivetti, Ivrea (TO) Conti presso Tema, Bologna Vanneschi presso Selenia, Pisa, Internal note IEI-E73-10, 1973.
In this paper we propose an approach for the study and design of modular system; for this purpose a model for parallel systems, called PMC systems, composed of mutually' asynchronous and cooperating modules is described, together with the definition of the rules of data and control information exchange among modules and of the techniques of transmitting such information, which represent the only resources shared by the modules. The conditions under which a PMC system is determinate and deadlock-free are derived and compared with those derived in a preceding paper by the authors with regard to a particular class of PMC systems, called PMC linear systems. Finally, some considerations about system performance are made and its relations with the conditions granting determinacy and absence of deadlock are shown.

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