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Cieslik A., Kardasz J. On a simulation model for a computer system performing simultaneous process control and data Processing. Internal note IEI-B73-06, 1973.
The present paper contains a description of a model for the simulation of a computer system, which performs simultaneously a process control and data processing for managerial purposes. This model takes into account the following features of the computer system: hardware in the usual layout, EXECUTIVE programme, library of managerial programmes and of process interrupt servicing programmes, and computer-operator interactions. The interaction between the computer system and the external world is represented by a series of interrupt signals which determine the actions to be taken by the system. The process of simulation is performed by alternatively activation two procedures, called DIRIG and ENVIRON. The first procedure simulates decision-making by the EXECUTIVE routine; the second one simulates the occurrences of external events. The proposed model is described by a set of ALGO-60 procedures.

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