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Barsi F., Maestrini P. Error correcting properties of redundant residue number systems. In: IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. C-22, numer 3 pp. 307 - 315. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1973.
The error correcting properties of the redundant residue number systems (RRNS) are investigated through a more natural approach than was previously known_ The necessary and sufficient condition for the correction of a given error affecting a single residue digit of any legitimate number in an RRNS is determined. The minimal redundancy allowing the correction of the whole class of the single residue digit errors is derived and an efficient procedure for error correction is given. Moreover, it is shown that a smaller redundancy and a single redundant modulus may allow the correction of certain important subclasses of single residue digit errors, e.g. the set of errors affecting a single bit in the code. Examples are given,

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