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Adamowicz M., Albano A. A two stage solution of the cutting-stock problem. In: IFIP Congress 1971 (Ljubljana (Yugoslavia), 23-28 August 1971). Proceedings, vol. 2 pp. 1 - 3. 1971.
This paper describes an algorithm for solving a version of the cutting-stock problem encountered in the shipbuilding industry. In this version of the problem one is given a number of standard sheets of steel and an order to produce a specified set of rectangular and irregular shapes. The goal is to cut the shapes out of the sheets in such a way as to minimize the waste. The two-stage algorithm, containing a shape clustering stage and a rectangular layout stage, employs special shape clustering techniques and a multistage dynamic programming algorithm. Presented here are the key aspects of the clustering and rectangular layout algorithms and the results obtained when an experimental program was tested with some typical cutting-stock problems.

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