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Levi G., Sirovich F. Structural descriptions of fingerprints images. Internal note IEI-B70-08, 1970.
Problems in pictorial pattern recognition have received a great deal of attention in the past few years (for a comprehensive bibliography, see (1). A general theory of image processing does not exist so far; it has been suggested by several authors that these problems be approached from a linguistic viewpoint (2-5) : in fact f the goal is often that of obtaining a structured description of the image; this goal can be achieved by specifying explicitly the class of images by a suitable "linguistic" structure, and the description of any image in the class can then be obtained by “ parsing” it in the context of the linguistic specification. In practice, however, if efficiency is sought, one can rarely rely on pure methods: an injection of ad-hoc preprocessing techniques must for example always be tolerated. The purpose of this paper is to describe a procedure to obtain stylized descriptions of fingerprint images. The procedure is the first step of an automatic fingerprint classification system which our group is presently developing: the motivation of the system is to permit correlation studies between fingerprints and congenital diseases (6).

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