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Gerace G. B., Gilli L., Maestrini P., Meo A. R. Topi: a special purpose computer for boolean analysis and synthesis. In: Colloque international systemes logiques conception et applications (Bruxelles, 15-20 settembre 1969). Proceedings, pp. 26 - 48. 1970.
TOPI is a special-purpose computer for the synthesis and analysis of Boolean functions. The algorithms executed by TOPI have been developed specifically for this computer and are an evolution of the iterative consensus method. They allow the determination and classification of the prime implicants of a given Boolean function, as well as the determination of a number of irredundant normal coverings. The computer capabilities are limited to single-output functions of a maximum of 15 variables, or to n-output functions of a maximum of 15-n variables.
Subject Boolean analysis
digital system design automation
iterative consensus
special-purpose computer
synthesis of switching functions

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