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Gestri G., Petracchi D. The transformation induced by light stimulus on the retinal discharge: study of the interval distribution at light frequencies of sinusoidal stimulation. In: Kybernetik, vol. 6 pp. 171 - 176. 1970.
A further step in the analysis of the relationship between light stimulus and cat retinal ganglion cell discharge is presented, which completes the study of the transformation induced by light stimulus on the distribution of the interpulse intervals. The interval distribution is shown to be invariant under a change of the light stimulus, if the following change of variable is performed on the intervals: theta = mathop {int r }limits_{t_1 }^{t_2 } (t)dt. t 1 and t 2 being the times of occurrence of the impulses of the interval, and r(t) the average number of cell impulses per unit time. A short paper, summarizing the results described in Gestri et al. (1966), and preliminary results of the study described here, was presented by G. Gestri, L. Maffei, and D. Petracchi at the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, San Remo, September 1115, 1967. The abstract is published in IEEE Trans, on Inf. Theory. IT-14 (1968), p. 834.

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