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Gestri G. Synthesis of multiple sequential machines having different inputs. In: IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 19 pp. 1105 - 1108. 1970.
This note deals with the multiple realization of synchronous sequential machines for which the initial states are given. for two machines with specified initial states, both given. The results given by Smith and Kohavi, who have studied the problem for machines fed by the same input, are generalized to the case of machines having the same clock but different inputs. For these machines, a maximum common factor is defined, and it is shown how, if it exsists, it can be obtained. The problem of internal state or input state splitting for machines that do not have a maximum factor and that are incomplete is not faced. 1) the set {S12} is given by the ordered pairs Si', S2; the Index Terms-Different inputs, multiple real No abstract available
Subject different inputs
multiple realization
synchronous sequential machines

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