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Gerace G. B. Clocked sequential systems. In: Atti del X Convegno internazionale dell'automazione e strumentazione (Milano, 20-26 novembre 1968). Atti, pp. 209 - 226. Alberto Mondadori Editore, 1969.
The aim of this paper is to study the sequential systems formed by a set of clocked sequential networks with direct interconnections. The conditions under which a clocked sequential system can properly operate are defined. It is shown that 1) in any clocked system every closed loop of sequential networks must contain a network of the Moore type, and that 2) in any physical system a Mealy type network with pulse output cannot be used when preceding any other network. A general type of clocked sequential network with level outputs is defined, by which clocked systems can be realized with both Mealy and Moore type networks, and by which asynchronous iterative combinational networks can be included in a system. Structural models and synthesis procedures to realize this type of networks with level outputs are also presented.
Subject Sequential system

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