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Gerace G. B., Gilli L., Maestrini P., Meo A. A special-purpose computer for the synthesis of switching functions and the analysis of their statistical properties. In: Alta Frequenza, vol. 38 (8) pp. 585 - 594. AEI, 1969.
A special-purpose computer for synthesizing switching circuits and analyzing statistical properties of Boolean functions is described. It uses algorithms studied on purpose for a rapid solution of the following problems: a) determination of the prime implicants of an assigned junction; b) classification of the prime implicants; c) determination of a set of irredundant normal forms. The system is composed of a central processor, a core memory of 8192 words having 32 bit, input- and output- units. The processor has been designed by applying a formal method that can be performed on a general-purpose computer. One-output junctions having 15 variables or n-output functions having (15-n) variables at the most can be processed.
Subject Switching functions
Statistical properties

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