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Clerici R., Grasselli A., Levi G., Martelli A., Montanari U., Sirovich F. Activities in image Processing at the Istituto di Elaborazione della Informazione. In: Colloque international sur la reconnaissance des formes (Grenoble, September 1968). Proceedings, pp. 337 - 375. 1969.
This group has began to work in image processing less than a year ago. Since no flying-spot scanner was available, the FIDAC scanner at the Clynical and Population Cytogenetics Research Unit of the Medical Research Council in London has been used to digitize our photographs. This scanner digitizes a photograph in a 320 x 480 element array, with 7 grey levels per array element. A flying-spot scanner is currently under construction in our Institute by L. Azzarelli, M. Baldeschi and R. Panicucci: this scanner is being built around a DEC display scope Type 30, and will digitize in a 512 x 512 array, with 32 grey levels per element.
Subject Image Processing

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