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Maestrini P. Sulla determinazione e interpolazione della traiettoria dell'utensile nelle macchine a controllo numerico continuo. In: Calcolo, vol. 6 (2) pp. 261 - 278. Giardini, Springer Verlag Italia, 1969.
In this paper procedures are described allowing the calculation of the cutter position at any given time in two axis, contouring, numerically controlled machinetools. It is assumed that input data define the profile being machined and the cutter offset and feedrate. The profile consists of straight lines and arcs. It is allowed the outter offset to be redefined during the machining operation. Procedures mainly consist of a staircase approximation of the theoretical tool-path, as defined from the geometry of the profile and the cutter offset. They require only additions, subtractions and comparisons and are intended for implementation by low-cost special purpose computers.
Subject Macchine a controllo numerico continuo

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