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Lami V., Mercatanti M., Stiavetti F. La compilazione automatica dei turni del personale viaggiante di una azienda di trasporti ad orario fisso. In: Calcolo, vol. 5 (1) pp. 637 - 659. Giardini, Springer Verlag Italia, 1969.
One serious problem for a large transport company is to assign working schedules to their travelling personnel so as to minimize the difference between the legal working time paid for and the actual operating time on route, which is usually much shorter on account of several, either technical or administrative, constraints. A method is given here to solve this problem for a very general case of man-machine coupling (driver-vehicle, engineer-train), and a computer program is shown that was realized for a fairly large railroad Depot. It has achieved a time saving of 16% with respect to previous, hand computed schedules, which may easily be the equivalent of a money saving of some billion lire per year.
Subject Turni del personale
Azienda di trasporti

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