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Katsaros K. B., Bentamy A., Bourassa M., Ebuchi N., Gower J., Liu W. T., Vignudelli S. Climate Data Issue from an Oceanographic Remote Sensing Perspective. Berlin: Springer-verlag, 2011.
In this chapter we review several climatologically important variables with a history of observation from spaceborne platforms. These include sea surface temperature and wind vectors, altimetric estimates of sea surface height, energy and water vapor fluxes at the sea surface, precipitation over the ocean, and ocean color. We then discuss possible improvements in sampling for climate and climate change definition. Issues of consistency of different data sources, archiving and distribution of these types of data are discussed. The practical prospect of immediate internaČtional coordination through the concept of virtual constellations is discussed and applauded
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-16541-2_2
Subject Oceanographic satellite sensors . Scatterometers . Altimeters . Microwave radiometers . Infrared and ocean color sensors . Winds - Sea surface temperature . Air-sea fluxes . International cooperation for climate quality data . Sampling . Consistency . Arc

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