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Chillemi S., Barbi M., Di Garbo A. The Reversal Potential of Inhibitory Synapses Strongly Impacts the Dynamics of Neural Networks. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 6688 pp. 100 - 108. Springer, 2011.
The balance between inhibition and excitation is at the basis of the maintenance of stable and normal brain electrical activity. Experimental results revealed that inhibitory synapses can become depolarizing as the intracellular concentration of Cl − 1 of the postsynaptic cells increases. In this work the dynamical behaviour of a network of pyramidal cells coupled to inhibitory Fast-Spiking interneurons was studied by simulations. In particular, in agreement to the experimental data, it was found that the increase of the reversal potential of inhibitory synapses strongly impacts the network dynamics.
Subject Reversal Potential of Inhibitory Synapses

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