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Marangoni R., Chiarini R., Iannone G., Salerno M. DigesTip: A new device for a rapid and efficient in-solution protein digestion. In: Proteomics, vol. 8 (11) pp. 2165 - 2167. Wiley, 2008.
DigesTip is a new device for in-solution protein digestion, based on a patent pending technology, able to immobilize enzymes (trypsin, in this case) on a solid surface, keeping their activity preserved. DigesTip is a standard pipette tip, usable both by human and by robots. Its main performances are: very short digestion time (1 min) and usability with low protein sample concentrations (5 g/mL). DigesTip obtains a clear signal in MS measurements and its usage rules out several preparative steps.
DOI: 10.1002/pmic.200700873
Subject Fragment coverage
Immobilized trypsin
Mass spectrometry
Protein digestion

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