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Scerbo R., Ristori T., Stefanini B., De Ranieri S., Barghigiani C. Mercury assessment and evaluation of its impact on fish in the Cecina river basin (Tuscany, Italy). In: Environmental Pollution, vol. 135 pp. 179 - 186. Elsevier, 2005.
This paper reports the results of mercury contamination monitoring in the Cecina river basin (Tuscany, Italy). Mercury was measured in the waters, sediments and fish species of the river and its most important tributaries. In fish specimens the organic form was also determined. The results showed high mercury levels in most of the samples analysed. Particularly high concentrations were found in the sediments of the S. Marta canal flowing into the Cecina, where a chlor-alkali plant discharges its wastes, and high levels were still detectable 31 km downstream from the confluence. Near the S. Marta confluence many fish specimens were very contaminated and a study on Leuciscus cephalus cabeda growth suggested that at this site mercury accumulation occurs in these organisms since they are very young. Mercury entering water from a chlor-alkali plant near Tuscany has led to contamination of river food webs.
DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2004.07.027
Subject River
Chlor-alkali plant

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