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Lanzillotta E., Ceccarini C., Ferrara R. Improving Mercury Flux Chamber Measurements over Water Surface. In: Environmental Technology, vol. 24 (7) pp. 913 - 919. Taylor and Francis, 2003.
A modified floating flux chamber was designed and used to measure mercury evasional fluxes in a coastal area of the Mediterranean Sea in different meteo-marine conditions during the hours of maximum insolation (PAR intensity 360-430 W/m2) in the summer season. The chamber has been modified providing a flap at the inlet port preventing the back-flow of air from the interior of the chamber. Results demonstrate that the modified flux chamber gives flux values noticeably higher both in rippled sea conditions (mean value 7.881.45 ng/m2.h) and in rough sea conditions (mean value 21.712.17 ng/m2.h) with respect to those obtained by using the unmodified chamber (respectively 5.230.67 and 14.151.03 ng/m2.h).
URL: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/tandf/envt/2003/00000024/00000007/art00012;jsessionid=3l910hg6bkfpe.alice
Subject Mercury
Flux chamber
Air water exchange
Mediterranean sea

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