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Allegrini P., Balocchi R., Chillemi S., Grigolini P., Hamilton P., Palatella L., Raffaelli G. Long- and short-time analysis of heartbeat sequences: Correlation with mortality risk in congestive heart failure patients. In: Physical Review E, vol. 67 (6) article n. 062901. American Physical Society, 2003.
We analyze RR heartbeat sequences with a dynamic model that satisfactorily reproduces both the long- and the short-time statistical properties of heart beating. These properties are expressed quantitatively by means of two significant parameters, the scaling δ concerning the asymptotic effects of long-range correlation, and the quantity 1-π establishing the amount of uncorrelated fluctuations. We find a correlation between the position in the phase space (δ,π) of patients with congestive heart failure and their mortality risk.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.67.062901
Subject Diffusion entropy
Congestive heart failure

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