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Meucci R., Di Garbo A., Allaria E., Arecchi F. T. Autonomous Bursting in a Homoclinic System. In: Physical Review Letters, vol. 88 article n. 144101. American Physical Society, 2002.
The output of a dynamical system in a regime of homoclinic chaos transforms from a continuous train of irregularly spaced spikes to clusters of regularly spaced spikes with quiescent periods in between (bursting), provided a low frequency portion of the output is fed back. We provide experimental evidence of such an autonomous bursting by a CO2 laser with feedback. The phenomena here presented are extremely robust against noise and display qualitative analogies with bursting phenomena in neurons.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.88.144101
Subject Neuron
CO_2 laser
Homoclinic chaos
Phase locking

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