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Lanzillotta E., Ceccarini C., Ferrara R. Photo-induced formation of dissolved gaseous mercurynext term in previous termcoastal and offshore seawater of the Mediterranean basin. In: Science of the Total Environment, vol. 300 (1-3) pp. 179 - 187. Elsevier, 2002.
The first measurements on the daily trend of previous termdissolved gaseous mercurynext term (DGM) concentration determined in previous termcoastal and offshorenext term waters of the previous termMediterranean basinnext term are reported. Marked daily behaviour tracking solar radiation has been observed at the previous termcoastalnext term sampling station with DGM values ranging from 11.0 to 38.9 pg/l. Contrary to these observations the DGM values in previous termoffshorenext term water samples (11.9-20.0 pg/l) were independent of the sampling time, thus identifying the absence of higher levels during the hours of maximum insolation. The availability of Hg2+ substrate necessary for the previous termphotonext term-reaction processes of DGM previous termformationnext term has been evaluated by measuring the reactive previous termmercurynext term concentration. In previous termoffshorenext term waters the lower DGM concentrations are attributable to the substrate as a limiting factor. The highest concentration of DOC measured in previous termcoastal seawaternext term with respect to the previous termoffshorenext term one could moreover enhance the reaction rates of DGM production through the previous termformationnext term of inorganic previous termmercurynext term complexes and weaker organic associations.
DOI: 10.1016/S0048-9697(02)00223-1
Subject Mercury
Dissolved gaseous mercury
Mediterranean basin

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