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Allaria E., Arecchi F. T., Di Garbo A., Meucci R. Synchronization of Homoclinic Chaos. In: Physical Review Letters, vol. 86 (5) pp. 791 - 794. American Physical Society, 2001.
Homoclinic chaos is characterized by regular geometric orbits occurring at erratic times. Phase syn- chronization at the average repetition frequency is achieved by a tiny periodic modulation of a control parameter. An experiment has been carried on a CO2 laser with feedback, set in a parameter range where homoclinic chaos occurs. Any offset of the modulation frequency from the average induces phase slips over long times. Perfect phase synchronization is recovered by slow changes of the modulation frequency based upon the sign and amplitude of the slip rate. Satellite synchronization regimes are also realized, with variable numbers of homoclinic spikes per period of the modulation.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.86.791
Subject Laser

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