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Ferrara R., Lanzillotta E., Ceccarini C. Dissolved Gaseous Mercury Concentration and Mercury Evasional Flux from Seawater in Front of a Chlor-Alkali Plant. In: Environmental Technology, vol. 22 (8) pp. 971 - 978. Taylor, 2001.
The dissolved gaseous mercury concentration and mercury degassing rate have been measured in a marine area polluted by a chlor-alkali plant (Rosignano Solvay, Italy), which uses mercury in chlorine production. During the summer the DGM concentration (130 pg l-1) and the evasional flux (14 ng m-2 h-1) were 3-4 times higher than those measured at the control stations. A seasonal behaviour has been highlighted at all the sampling sites, with minimum levels in the winter.
DOI: 10.1080/09593332208618233
Subject Dissolved gaseous mercury
Evasional flux
Mediterranean basin
Chlor-alkali plant

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