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Barghigiani C., Ristori T., Scerbo R., Cini C., Nottoli R., Moschini L., Giaconi V. Assessment of Water Pollution and Suitability to Fish Life in Six Italian Rivers. In: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol. 66 (2) pp. 187 - 205. Springer, 2001.
This paper reports the results of a monitoringprogramme of six rivers (Serchio, Cecina, Cascina,Era, Elsa and Pavone) that drain north-west Tuscany(Italy). In this area, agricultural, industrial andurbanization pressures affect water quality, also interms of suitability for the survival of aquaticorganisms. The river waters were monitored for severalphysico-chemical parameters (temperature, dissolvedoxygen, suspended solids, total ammonia, nitrites, Cu,Cd, Cr, Ni and Pb) in order to assess theanthropogenic impact on the environmental conditionsof these watercourses and their suitability for fishlife. Statistical data handling was performed for eachriver and the percentage of physico-chemicalparameters that, according to the E.C. law, were overthe limits that must not be exceeded to protect fishlife, was calculated and a classification was made ofthe six rivers in this sense. Concerning the metals,inter-element relationships (between chromiumand nichel, lead and copper, nichel and lead andcopper, copper and lead) were found which allow someremarks on the origins of the anthropogenic impacts,and comparisons were made with two metal-pollutedwatercourses in northern Italy, the Po and Lambrorivers. From the comparison, the Tuscan rivers showedgenerally lower metal contamination, especially withrespect to the Lambro.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1026447914322
Subject Fish life suitability
Water pollution

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