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Ferraro R., Lanzillotta E., Chiti G. A Simple Cooled Mercury Vapour Calibration Source. In: Environmental Technology, vol. 21 (6) pp. 713 - 715. Taylor, 2000.
In this work a mercury vapour generator delivering a precise amount of mercury at pg levels to calibrate mercury analyzers is described. Low temperatures of the generator (0-5C) are obtained by two thermoelectric cooling modules coupled with two fan/heat sinks for (CPU) central processor unit thin cooling. The generator is characterized by the simplicity of construction, low costs and portability, operating the system from either 12 VDC (car battery) or line power. The reproducibility of seven replicated injections in measuring 54 pg of mercury was better than 2%.
DOI: 10.1080/09593332108618087
Subject Mercury
Calibration sourse
Mercury vapour generator

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