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Vismara R., Barsanti L., Lupetti P., Passarelli V., Mercati D., Dallai R., Gualtieri P. Ultrastructure of the pellicle of Euglena gracilis. In: Tissue & Cell, vol. 32 (6) pp. 451 - 456. Elsevier, 2000.
Deep-etching technique was used to investigate the organization of the pellicle complex of Euglena gracilis. The interpretation of the images was further supported by SEM and TEM investigations. Our results mainly validate data obtained by previous freeze-fracture studies on the E and P faces of the outer cortical membrane. At the level of the ridges, the outer E fracture face is highly organized in a regular striated pattern, whereas the P inner face shows a particulate structure. However, our images reveal that this particulate organization of the P face is not limited to the ridges, but it is displayed also by the grooves. Moreover, this face shows two distinct layers, a particulate layer facing the cytoplasm and a striated layer facing the E face; these layers represent different true fracture levels of the same P face.
DOI: 10.1016/S0040-8166(00)80001-4
Subject Euglena

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