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Barbi M., Santi C., Di Garbo A., Balocchi R., Carpeggiani C., Emdin M., Michelassi C. Nonlinearity of normal sinus rhythm. In: Chaos and noise in biology and medicine (Casamicciola, Napoli, 19-24 may 1997). Proceedings, pp. 86 - 96. M. Barbi, S. Chillemi (eds.). (Series of Biophysics and Biocybernetics, vol. 7). World Scientific, 1998.
Trying to answer the question whether the irregular heart activity is due to a chaotic process, short term predictability and nonlinearity were estimated on sequences of interbeat intervals from 24 subject in relaxed conditions. The classical non-linear prediction method as well as a direct one, able to estimate the time series nonlinearity (Sugihara, 1994) were employed. The two approaches yield very similar results showing that a clear nonlinear behaviour is present in most of the examinated sequecences. Furthmore, the statistic produced by a completely different method as dentrended fluctuation analysis (Peng et al., 1995) exhibits a strong correlation with the estimators of nonlinearity.
Subject Chaos
Sinus rhythm

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