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Ghetti F. Effects of solar and artificial UV Radiation on photosynthesis of the marine alga. C.V. Nolan, D.P. Hader (eds.). (Ecosystems research, vol. 30). Luxembourg: European communities, 1998.
The mean biological weighting factors for photosynthesis inhibition by solar UV-B, UVA and PAR are compared with those determined in experiments performed in a solar simulator ir under monochromatic irradiation. Object of these studies was the halotolerant green alga Dunaliella salina. The effects of the different radiation regimes on photosynthetic activity were investigated by measuring the efficiency of photosynthetic quantum yield FV/FM. The good agreement between the results obtained in the different experiments indicates that experiments with artificial radiation sourses, because of the accurate reproducibility of the irradiation conditions and the possibility of excluding disturbing agents, provide useful data to supplents field studies on radiation stress phenomena.
Subject Biological weighting function
Dunaliella salina
Oxygen exchange
Photosynthesis inhibition
Marine alga

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