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Mariani T., Baschieri P., Frediani C., Ascoli C. A scanning force milliscope. In: Microscopy and analysis, vol. 12 (1-6) pp. 21 - 23. Wiley, 1998.
In order obtain scanning force images on millimeter scale, we built a 3d scanner based on electrodynamic actuators derived from audio technology. Our instruments brings the maximum surface covered by a scanning probe microscope to more than 1 mm^2 but keeps a lateral resolution in the other 10 mn or better, with a dynamic range that approaches a linear factor of 10^5. The height range exceeds 120 micronN, then to thirty times greater than usual, while the scan linearity on the plane is a good up to 300x300 micronN^2 and still acceptable a grater sizes. Nevertheless, the scanner is inexpensive and mechanically simple. It was used in a nome built force microscope, and was able to take the scanning force images presented here, whose areas range from 1.2 X 1.2 mm^2 to 1 X 1 micronN^2
Subject Scanning probe microscopy
Eletrodynamic loudspeakers

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