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Chillemi S., Barbi M., Di Garbo A., Balocchi R., Michelassi C., Carpeggiani C., Emdin M. Detection on nonlinearity in the healthy heart rhythm. In: IMIA-IFMBE - Proceedings of 2nd IMIA-IFMBE International workshop of biosignal interpretation (Kanagawa, Japan, 24-27 September 1996). Proceedings, pp. 87 - 90. JSMEBE, 1997.
Sequences of interbeat intervals from two groups of subjects, 24 in relaxed conditions and 10 sleeping, are analyzed by nonlinear predictors methods as well as by method, proposed recently, able to directly estimate the time series nonlinearity. The nonlinear predictability of the R-R intervals is tested by using suitable surrogate data. The results obtained with both methods show that nearly all the sequences exhibit a statistically meaningful degree of linearity. This raises the question whether such nonlinearity encodes information about the physiological condition of the examined subjects.
Subject Heartbeat time series
Nonlinear predictors
Surrogate data
Nonlinear dynamics
Deterministic chaos

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