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Seritti A., Nannicini L., Del Vecchio R., Giordani De Maria P., Miserocchi S. Optical properties of sediment pore waters of the Adriatic sea. In: Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, vol. 61 (1-4) pp. 195 - 209. Taylor and Francis, 1997.
Optical properties (Absorption and Fluorescence) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) of sediment pore waters of cores collected in the Adriatic Sea (Italy) are reported. Correlation among absorption, fluorescence and DOC indicate linear trends only wavelength dependent whatever location and season of sampling. A different behaviour was osserved i a station located straight out of the Po river mouth wich exhibited a rather different sedimentation regime. Two different fluorophoric groups excited at 280 nm and 355 nm with the mission maxima centered, respectively, at 340-350 nm and 240-470 nm, were recognized. The values of the molar absorptivity(e-landa), the slope of the absorption spectra (S), tha quantum yields (fi-landa) and the Fn (280)/Fn (355) ratios indicate the occurrence in pore waters of low molecular weight (LMW) chromophores with low degree of aromaticity and higher quantum field yield than seawater.
DOI: 10.1080/02772249709358485
Subject Pore Waters

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