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Verni F., Gualtieri P. Feeding behaviour in ciliated protists. In: Micron, vol. 28 (6) pp. 487 - 504. Elsevier, 1997.
Ciliates are unicellular organisms characterized by the presence of cilia (at least in the juvenile stage), an oral cavity, nuclear dualism, conjugation, equatorial division plane in binary fission, and alveolar pellicular organization. Ciliates play an important role in the general economy of marine, fresh-water and soil environments, being essential links in the food chain. This article reviews the different feeding behaviours present in these protista together with the related digestive processes.
DOI: 10.1016/S0968-4328(97)00028-0
Subject Predator
Interspecific interaction
Intraspecific interaction

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