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Cappella B., Baschieri P., Frediani C., Miccoli P., Ascoli C. Improvements in AFM imaging of the spatial variation of force - distance curves: on-line images. In: Nanotechnology, vol. 8 pp. 82 - 87. IOP Publishing, 1997.
A new scanning method, `touch and lift', aimed to improve the simultaneous acquisition of topography and force - distance curves on each point of the scanned surface, is presented. This method does not damage the sample or the cantilever and enables us to collect a lot of data in a relatively short time. Its most important feature is that data are directly organized in `force-slices', i.e. images giving immediate qualitative information on the physico-chemical structure of the sample. We present and discuss such images for two samples: a fluorescein isothyocyanate grating on silicon in air and a peroxidase grating on silicon in water, measuring the spatial variation of stiffness, attractive forces and adhesion in both cases.
DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/8/2/006

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