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Rosati G., Barsanti L., Passarelli V., Giambelluca A., Gualtieri P. Ultrastructure of a novel non-photosynthetic Euglena mutant. In: Micron, vol. 27 (5) pp. 367 - 373. Elsevier, 1996.
A spontaneous non-photosynthetic osmotrophic mutant of Euglena gracilis was isolated from wild type cell cultures. This mutant could be subcultured on either agar plates or in liquid medium, giving rise to cells which are identical in appearance to the mutants induced by UV light, heat or streptomycin. Fluorescence microscopy has not revealed the presence of any red emission, a result indicating the absence of chloroplasts containing chlorophyll. The paraflagellar body, the presumptive photoreceptor, showed the same fluorescence emission as the wild-type, and a photoaccumulation experiment indicated an unimpaired functioning of this organelle. The ultrastructure of these cells, which did not revert to green cells, was investigated in detail and compared to that of the photosynthetic cells.
DOI: 10.1016/S0968-4328(96)00039-X
Subject Euglena

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