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Petracchi D., Lucia S., Cercignani G. Fundamental sources of noise in chemical transduction. In: Nuovo Cimento, vol. 17 (7-8) pp. 883 - 891. Compositori, 1995.
The contribution of chemical steps intrasduction chains to the output noise of a receptor cell (as opposed to the noise inherent in the stimulus, e. g., a dim light flash) has been evaluated both analytically and by ai computer simulation study on a simple model, using a Monte Carlo technique. The noise deriving from chemical reactions (chemical shot noise, CSN) is shown to add to the source noise thereby increasing significantly the output variation coefficient. It is proposed that this noise contribution should be taken into account in interpretingthe sensitivity of a sensory system and in particular the dose-response curves at low levels of the stimulus.
Subject Shot noise
Sensory transduction
Chemical reactions
H. Salinarum

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