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Cavallini A., Natali L., Giordani T., Polizzi E., Balestri E., Cinelli F., Maserti B. E., Ferrara R. Cytophotometric and biochemical characterization of Posidonia oceanica L. (Potamogetonaceae) genome. In: Caryologia, vol. 48 (3-4) pp. 201 - 209. Universit degli Studi di Firenze, 1995.
The genome of Posidonia oceanica (Potamogetonaceae) was studied at cytophorometric and biochemical level. P. oceania: is an important species for food web in the Mediterranean basin where it occupies very large prairies. It is also an important biological indicator of mercury contamination. Cytophotometric analyses showed that this species has a basic (4-C) genome size of 11.16 pg DNA. Biochemical analyses were made to establish genome composition in terms of highly and medium repeated and unique sequences. Melting profiles and CsCl density gradient of DNA extracted from leaves indicated the presence of a large AT rich satellite DNA.
Subject Biochemical analyses
Cytophotometric and biochemical characterization
Posidonia oceanica

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