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Barghigiani C., Ristori T. The use of some plant species to evaluate atmospheric mercury levels. In: Agricoltura mediterranea, pp. 200 - 204. UniversitÓ di Pisa, 1995.
Results of research on plants used as biomonitors atmospheric mercury are reported. the species studied are: Pinus spp. albies alba, Cytisus aetnensis, Genista ephedroides and rosmarinus officinalis. The relationships between mercury levels (or needles) and in air were studies. the use of spruce ans pine proved to be helpful in mining areas, broom and rosemary seemed to be more problematical. Pine seems to be helpful where the atmospheric contaminating substances typical of volcanic or of industrial and urban areas are low. However, when suitably used, all the studied species can constitute a useful tool for the assessment of air mercury levels.
Subject Air Hg

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